Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Little did I know that there were items in my house just waiting to be Freecycled. After familiarizing myself with the set-up, I posted a couple random things on the website. SNAP! People jumped on my stuff! How did that happen? I got rid of a baby gate that I hadn't used in forever. Some toddler feeding supplies. Unused photo albums that had been sitting in a closet...

I gleefully combed the house with Freecycling in mind. This was like free therapy! Posted those nursing blouses hiding in a bin and BAM! Four hours later they were gone from my house. It was a virtual exodus of still-useable-but-not-to-me stuff. I felt lighter, empowered. I also gained an insight into my father's psyche.

My dad is a MAJOR pack-rat. I used to tease him but I finally realized one day how much it bugged him. For example, he keeps stacks of magazines for years, just in case there's something in there he'll want to read again. He can't help it. And I could never explain it. Lazy? No. Obsessive-compulsive? Not quite. There's something else going on... and I figured it out!

This stuff is still useful! It kills him to think that his stash could end up in a dump when someone... somewhere... just might be able to use it again. He's a born Freecycler, he just hasn't found his place yet. I'll convert him someday. First, though I need to find someone out there who would actually be interested in Car & Driver magazines from 1988. Any takers?

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