Friday, January 2, 2009

Party like it's 1989

I am such a party animal. And while I discussed my lack of New Years' Eve plans with fellow blogger and neighbor Akaemi, we came to the conclusion that we are both party animals. So naturally, we decided to paint a bedroom in my itty bitty townhome.

This project has been in the works for months. My oldest child is an avid builder, especially of Legos. He will spend hours making fantastical creations. Then along comes my youngest, who can destroy things faster than a nuclear bomb. There is no malice involved, just a pressing need to handle something so amazing. Crunch.

So I'm going to bunk all three boys in aforementioned room and turn the other bedroom into a dressers/books/shoes and Lego building table room. I bought the curtain and rod, picked out the paint chips, took a bunk bed off a friend's hands... and then nothing. I'm sure a shrink could pick apart my inability to finish projects. I'm also sure that mine is a common ailment.

Thanks to Akaemi's encouragement we celebrated New Year's Eve in high style. A lovely coat of sky blue for the ceiling and we called it a night! The next morning we chased away our paint-huffing hangover with a dose of tan paint for the walls. Blue and tan is a color combination that is so in vogue. After the first coat we stepped back to admire our peachy handiwork.

Four peach-colored walls stared back at us. PEACH!!? I chose tan!!! Why are my walls screaming PEACH??? The paint that is dried on the bottom of my socks, clinging to the bathroom sink, plastered across my old college shirt is TAN!!! I'm gonna climb across the paint counter at Home Depot and throttle that salesman.

The combination of light blue ceiling and peach walls brought back crushing memories of 1980's color schemes. Why, why, after this herculean effort did I have to end up peaching the walls of my THREE SONS' bedroom? The room that is the repository of many things masculine in this house? Akaemi was politely neutral (actually, she didn't say much about my color choice. Bad sign.) I crossed my fingers that it was all in my head.

My husband opened the bedroom door and said it all in one recoil:




Andrea said...

Hey Lauren! It's been awhile. What a bummer!!! I know about those bad paint colors. Truly a pain in the rear. It is so much work too. Fortunately kids (epsecially boys) don't tend to notice such differences in shades...or at least you can hope so! How are you all? I hope all is well with you. We are moving in two weeks to Austin and I am getting huge with our twins. Lots going on around here!!

akaemi said...

I was a little wary of the peachy walls, but I got to see the almost-final result with the finished trim and bunk bed - and it's not bad at all. :-) In fact, it has inspired me to do something about my li'l pink bedroom (complete with pink mini-blinds AND a pink wallpaper border ...)